Every society develops and depends on some set of leaders—but the great question is how those leaders are developed and chosen. For much of human history, leaders were born into their roles, or they fought their way in—or they bought their way in. Elites were normally based on physical power, or accumulated wealth, or inherited claims to authority.

But social progress can be greatest when aristocracies of class give way to aristocracies of talent—or to use an even better term—to meritocracies.

The well-led society of the future, in my view, will be a meritocracy—where leadership roles are based on personal and intellectual excellence.

—Speech by His Highness the Aga Khan at the Foundation Stone-Laying Ceremony of The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad, India, 22nd September 2006

Head of School at AKMSS

Laura Swash was the Head of School at AKMSS in 2005-2006. She announced her resignation May 8, 2006.

This blurb comes from the AKES,T newsletter The Horizon, Volume 5 Issue 2, September 2005.

A blurb on Laura Swash, the Head of School at AKMSS in 2005-2006

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