The development of civil society can also help meet the rising challenge of cultural diversity. As communities become more pluralistic in fact, they must also become more pluralistic in spirit. A vibrant civil society can give diverse constituencies effective ways to express and preserve their distinct identities, even as they interact with new neighbours.

—Address by His Highness the Aga Khan to the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, May 15, 2006

AKES,T's Solicitation

The email below was sent to us by the then-Head of Education at AKES,T, Dr. Peter Samaranayake. As can be seen in the thread, we had been unable to accept a previous offer from AKES,T (in March 2005) because of our financial commitments in Canada. On the strength of this solicitation, we left our jobs in Canada to go to Tanzania.

An email from the Head of Education at AKES,T soliciting us to come to Tanzania to work

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