Happily, technology has given us wonderful new ways of sharing knowledge. Rather than sending scholars over thousands of miles and scores of years, from library to library and academy to academy, today we can simply click in a matter of seconds onto a wide variety of appropriate websites. But, first, we must acknowledge what it is that we do not yet know—committing ourselves to continued learning and accepting the fact that useful knowledge will often be found by reaching beyond the traditional barriers of both geography and culture.

—Address by His Highness the Aga Khan at the Commencement Ceremony of the American University of Cairo June 15, 2006

What's New

3 March 2012

We've just found out that AKMSS has been advertising for a new Head of School once again. Would this be the fifth HoS since 2005-06?

22 November 2011

We have now been informed that AKES,T has appealed the High Court's decision and has also applied for a stay of execution. So perhaps the case will go on for another five years. We can't help but wonder how much their lawyers are costing the Ismaili community.

11 November 2011

This morning we heard from our advocate that AKES,T intends to appeal against the High Court decision. So it's not over yet. How fitting that we heard about this on Remembrance Day.

28 October 2011

We won!!!

Five years and many tears later, we've just heard that the High Court has given judgement in our case, and it is in our favour. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout this ordeal, and especially to our advocate, Mr. Ngudungi.

7 June 2011

We've been informed that judgement in our case is scheduled for July 4, 2011.

3 June 2011

We've been informed that our case is coming up for judgement next month.

22 March 2011

Five years since our termination.

11 March 2011

Discovered this website. The announcement of Mr. Thomas's appointment as Headteacher of Aga Khan Nursery in Tanzania in November 2009 can be seen here. AKES,T held a farewell for the departing CEO, Sheila Clitheroe Tieszen in August 2010, as can be seen here.

AKES,T's advertisement for a CEO can still be viewed here.

AKES,T's advertisement for Head of Nursery can be viewed here or here, and its advertisement for Head of Primary can be viewed here or here.

26 November 2010

We've been informed that our appeal has leave to proceed in the High Court of Tanzania.

1 November 2010

Added correspondence between the Canadian High Commission and AKES,T.

7 September 2010

We've been informed that our case is coming up for judgement soon.

7 June 2010

We have now heard that our case will be heard in July 2010.

16 April 2010

AKES,T is advertising for a new CEO.

5 March 2010

We've now been informed that our case will be heard on 22 April 2010.

3 December 2009

We've been informed that our case was heard in September, and judgement is pending for January.

16 October 2009

It's three years to the day that we lost our case. The appeal goes on. We are awaiting the outcome. Happy World Food Day!

22 June 2009

We've just seen the latest national curriculum results from the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA). AKMSS, which was once one of the top schools in Tanzania, ranked 43rd out of 47 in its region, and 284th out of 302 nationwide. The results can be seen here.

3 May 2009

Saw an email announcement that Sher Lakhani and Peter McMurray were in Toronto this weekend recruiting for the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa. There's also an advertisement on the AKDN Career Centre website for positions in Mombasa.

22 March 2009

Three years since our termination.

15 February 2009

Added a 1997 letter from AKES, acknowledging our interest in working for AKES,T in Dar es Salaam.

And it looks like AKMSS is once again in need of a new Head of School. This will be the fourth Head of School that we know about since Laura Swash resigned in 2006. The job seems to pay well, too.

16 October 2008

It's two years to the day that we lost our case. The appeal goes on, and we are informed that judgment is pending. Happy World Food Day!

6 July 2008

Started adding internal page links to assist with navigation.

5 July 2008

Added the beginning of our letter to Princess Zahra.

Added John Forbes to the Who's Who section.

1 July 2008

We've been informed that judgement in our case is pending. Happy Canada Day!

22 May 2008

Found this article by the latest Head of School at AKMSS.

26 January 2008

We've been informed that the ruling on our case will be given on 1 March 2008.

25 October 2007

Put sentiments expressed by a former Mzizima teacher on the Contact Us page.

23 October 2007

We've just been informed that our case has been postponed until January.

10 October 2007

The date for the ruling on the preliminary objections raised by AKES,T to our appeal is scheduled for 29 October 2007.

22 September 2007

The Timeline is here! Links will be added shortly.

16 September 2007

Added our June 3, 2006 letter of response to AKES,T's May 29th offer of settlement.

15 September 2007

Discovered this blog on AKMSS.

10 July 2007

We have just been informed that AKES,T has filed objections to our appeal. The issues will be argued by way of written submissions, and there will be a ruling or a judgement in October 2007.

29 June 2007

The Wikipedia page discovered on 25 June has been edited, and continues to be so, as can be seen from the Wikipedia's history for the page. The previous text can be seen here.

25 June 2007

Discovered this page about AKMSS on Wikipedia today.

26 May 2007

Added the receipt for our registered Letter to Princess Zahra.

5 May 2007

A date has been set for our appeal of the judgement in Employment Cause 206 of 2006 that was issued on 16 October 2006. The hearing will be on 27 June 2007.

22 April 2007

Added two of our four reports: Report on Language Policy at AKMSS and Suggestions for Improvement at AKMSS.

Added the list of appraisers for the March 2006 AKMSS appraisal process.

Added further explanation of the Appraisal Form used at AKMSS in March 2006.

25 March 2007

Added AKMSS Student's Petition to AKES,T about our termination.

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